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About this webring?
The Purpose:

of this webring is to join together all of the other websites with the same theme into a community. Where all of our sites and information are located in the same place. This is a benefit not only to the web surfer who is looking for ideas and information on how to start their own camper van projects.

But also is a great benefit to the websites that are in the ring, because they will get more traffic and page hits. Most surfers are lucky to find 1 or 2 sites of information that they are looking for (scattered abut the web), But when they find many sites all in one place (they will ride the ring.)

Oh Yes, There Are More Of Us Out Here On The Web!

I know there has to be a multitude of other do it yourselfers out there like myself, Van owners That take pride in the skill and craftmanship used in converting their own passenger or cargo vans into a camper van. So I decided to build this Homebrewed Camper Van Webring. It is my hope that it will become a Ring of informational resources for all the camper van do it yourselfers, and future generation of vanners.
How Do I Join This Ring ???

To join this webring, all you have to do is meet these 2 guide lines. They are,

(1) The camper compartment of your van must be designed, built, or installed by you. (not factory conversions purchased from dealer). Vans can range from vintage, classic, to brand new. And all models.

(2) If you run across a van site on the web that will fit in to the theme of this WebRing, invite them to join. Or you can send me their url, and I will send them an invitation. Thats it! So ..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? - "just fill in the form below-"

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After you submit your info in the join ring form, be sure to check your e-mail, you will be given a code to paste into your webpage. After you have done that e-mail me,so i can check it. And I will add you to the Ring. You Can come back to this page any time you want,and sign in below to make any changes to your site info. If you have any problem with your code,email me and I will be glad to help you.
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I invite your contributions ­ personal experiences, stories, recommended Web sites, pictures, How To, and Do it yourself materials, ideas, and whatever else you want to add or see added to this website.

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